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The journey of the adopted self; In a world where homelessness is more prevalent today than ever, one biological reunion tackles the impossible. Years after being taken away from her parents as a baby by the state and then…

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About and Contents


~ PART 1 ~ 

Home is Where the Heart Is, An Adoption Story 
Family Lines and Blood Ties 

Everybody has a valuable story. I was never too focused on mine being much…

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Prelude: The Octagon is me.  

Everybody has a valuable story. I was never too focused on mine being much more valuable than anyone else’s; I never saw it as more than a unique experience to share, but I’ve always been comfortable and open with the…

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Lineage, From the Beginning

I’ve been wanting, for as long as I can remember, to write a memoir penning the life and journey of a fostered adopted child grown into an independent self reliant (self proclaimed, the audacity) recording touring singer songwriter musician who…

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Before It All Began

Words and a safe space to speak to a child once without a voice is like honey to bees, but I am not the very beginning. Not at all. 

Don’s life proceeded the adventure of my biological great grandfather Hewitt…

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My Birth Father Don’s Early Childhood

"The first thing that happened was when I was about seven years old is I didn’t like how I felt and was on the search for anything that would improve the way I felt. By age five I found a…

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I am My Own Country 

When I was a little girl just about five years old while seated in my new grandma’s kitchen, pencil and paper in hand by request finally adopted into what would become my forever home, my Grandma Horty watching me intently…

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Conception, Cami Baby







 “The sun had just set on a Friday night in early May and my older brother Jimmy, Ted and Sam Nafores, and I were hanging out on Garnsey street in Santa Ana in the outdoor patio of our  mother’s then…

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You Could of Been My Family

The prison in my mind has guarded memories chaining my heart from the terrors that is truth for as long as I can remember, only it’s the likes of you that remind me. 

You may not like this chapter.

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Postscript: Homelessness the War, Addiction one Crisis

Homelessness, The War 
Currently, LA's annual homeless count, released Friday, shows that 66,433 people now live on the streets, in shelters and in vehicles within the county. That's up 12.7% from 2019. Within LA city limits, the number of people…

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