Prologue (pt2): “Pawns don’t go backwards”

“We are a reflection of how we are educated” 

“I’m just trying to blueprint my beliefs so people don’t misunderstand me so much” 

“Relationships won’t get off the ground if it’s only one way. people try to steer it in

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Belt of Tools (for the house of sane)

PART 2.  

By now I’d been through so much therapy and to about every which kind there was out there, so it seemed, that I could almost claim the hours spent for my own possible mental health professional career if…

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Meeting My Birth Father 

A Few Months Prior
It was early evening on a Thursday in November, the later that year in 2015, when I called a phone number listed in the packet the PI had given me just a few months before and…

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Supporting My Habit

The World, A Prison Out There 
"If anyone were to read my Olson files and learnt about all the things I done in my life, they’d think to themselves no wonder this guy sticks to himself, who in their right…

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I'll Be Your Heroin(e)

Belt and Cloak
Since I came to arrive at this stage in life with a special skill set as Don's challenges unfolded one by one, to see what new options we could create for all he was facing, it seemed…

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Journey of Togetherness

Trial Transitions
In those early first few weeks of our reunion there were so many adventures that unfolded each day as the hours increased, but there was one in particular that seemed a pivotal turning point that led Don towards…

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Adventures of Assimilation 
From the moment of my birth father's release from jail, we began doing as many memorable activities together as I could think of. We started with trips to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings where he could listen to stories…

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Home is Where the Heart Is

A Labor of Love
Over the course of four more years, our personal dynamic got closer forming an even stronger bond of togetherness as a team, his self proclaimed transformation and my new sense of center remarkable. Don and I…

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Afterward - Letters and Salutations



~ Letters For Don ~  

Aug 14, 2017
Hello, my name is Jenni Alpert (legal) / Jennifer Alpert and also Cameron (Cami) Morantz (intended biological name), I am Don Logsdon’s daughter, and I wanted to introduce myself and share…

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