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Homeless: The Soundtrack  
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Published by Groknation, edited by Mayim Bialik

“After years of being estranged from both her birth parents from having been placed in the foster care system to be adopted out in the early years of her life, and having missed the opportunity to met her birth mother when she was still living, years later with the assistance of a private investigator, Alpert found and reunited with her biological father. During their first meeting, which was initially all that had been intended, upon introducing herself as her birth nickname “Cami” to connect the early dots of both their pasts, she discovered he was happily homeless, running from the law, and addicted to drugs, but also a musician just like her. A few weeks into their reunion her birth father chose to leave a life of petty crime and drugs behind to join forces with Alpert. As their incredible developing relationship took flight, she met Chockstone Productions producers Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, who upon hearing details their reunion story and reading ‘Home is Where My Heart Is’ the self penned article by the duo of Alpert’s adoption and of their biological reunion story published by Groknation edited by friend Mayim Bialik, Chockstone producer Steve Schwartz introduced Alpert to award-winning, Oscar nominated, Peabody and Emmy winning documentary film director Irene Taylor Brodsky who later followed, filmed, and interview, the dynamic duo during the second phase of their relationship detailing their life stories apart as well as their reunion and now life together. As Alpert aided her birth father through different stages of rehabilitation, acclimation, and self-discovery also getting to know him musically through developing and recording music together, documentary maker Brodsky filmed many days of them together editing what was to become the documentary short “Homeless: The Soundtrack” which was selected and screened at Tribeca Film Festival 2018 and honored with a Jury Award, won best short film at Nantucket Film Festival 2018, had a one week run at the Laemmle Royal Theater in West Los Angeles, and is short listed for an IDA award in the short doc category.”  

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