Currently available for purchase directly through the artist on this site, on Itunes, and through CD Baby are her first vinyl record: Shining Light (LP) and 9 Albums: Nothing Less, Until Then, Take It All, Underneath the Surface, No Second Guesses, 27 Minutes in Bologna (a solo performance of piano and vocals), Pieces (a full length cd with a dynamic band), and The Rainbow’s End (simply solo piano), and Biological Reunion (an EP featuring Jenni Alpert's birth father Don Logsdon on guitar with an intimate interview to boot). 

Nothing Less:  Untied, Heaven, Simple Mood:  Produced by Marshall Altman and Jimmy Paxson, Engineered by Eric Robinson, Mixed by Jimmy Paxson, Recorded at Gault Line Recorders, Los Angeles CA, Jimmy Paxson - drums, Daryl Johnson - bass, Deron Johnson - Wurlitzer, Carlos Rios - guitar, Jenni Alpert vocals. A Love that I'd Regret, Breakin Down, Release Me, Damage Done: Produced by Nathaniel Kunkel, Recorded and Mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel, Recorded at The Village, Los Angeles CA, Additional recording at Studio Without Walls, Russ Kunkel - drums, Viktor Krauss - bass, Matt Rollings - piano, Dean Parks - guitar, Jenni Alpert - vocals. Where Lovers Go, Big Man, Less Than Forever, One of These Days: Produced by Adam Levy, Recorded and mixed by Clay Blair, Recorded at Boulevard Recording, Los Angeles CA, Adam Levy - guitar, Paul Redel - guitar, Tyler Chester - bass, piano, organ, Mark Stepro - drums. Until Then: 
Produced and mixed by Blake Padilla, Recorded at Padilla Studios, Nashville TN, Blake Padilla - keys, harmonies, Daniel Rangel - drums, Jason Duggins - bass, Richie Scholl - guitars, Jenni Alpert - vocals, acoustic guitar.
Until Then: Produced by Jenni Alpert and Steve Greenberg. Recorded live in one take at Country Q in Nashville. TN featuring Guthrie Trapp on electric guitar. Engineered and Mixed by Rob Matson. Mastered by Eric Boulanger at the Bakery. Distributed with SCurve Records. 

Shining Light (Vinyl): Produced, mixed, and engineered, by Nicola Fantozzi in Bologna, Italy. Solo live performance in Italy on piano and guitar. Released on Cappuccino Records.

Take It All:  Produced by Mikal Blue (*see ledger), Recorded at Revolver Studios (*except), Mixed by Eric Boulanger, Mastered at The Mastering Lab by Doug Sax with Eric Boulanger, Photos by Vanessa Plakias, Art Layout and Design by Amanda Kent (*Brad Smith (**Julian Coryell) (- co produced by Justin Andres) Musicians: Drums: Victor Indrizzo, *Jimmy Paxson (Sweet Talk, Heaven, All We Need is Love), Bass: Chris Chaney, *Brett Simons (All We Need is Love), E Guitar: Dave Levita, *Julian Corryell (All We Need is Love), *Kevin Haaland (Sweet Talk, Heaven), Ben Peeler (Heaven), Piano and Vocals: Jenni Alpert, Synths, Wurly, Organ, 12 String Guitar: Zac Rae, Organ Synths: Jeff Babko, String Arrangement: Christopher Young (I Will Love You, added live Strings Stevie Blacke), String Arrangement and Strings: Stevie Blacke (Nobody Knows, Sweet Talk), Programming: Mikal Blue, Justin Andres (The One), Acoustic Guitar: Justin Andres (The One), Nick Bearden (All It Takes), Ian Tepper (Even When It Rains), Uke: Brad Smith (Sweet Talk), Lap Steel: Ben Peeler (Heaven) Songwriters Listen to Your Heart written by Jenni Alpert, Cristi Vaughan, and Phil Brooks^, Who We Are written by Jenni Alpert and Mikal Blue, The One (-) written by Jenni Alpert and Justin Andres, Sweet Talk (*) written by Jenni Alpert, Heaven (*) written by Jenni Alpert, Real Thing written by Jenni Alpert, Nobody Knows written by Jenni Alpert and Sarah Hethcoat ^, All It Takes written by Jenni Alpert and Nick Bearden^, I Will Love You written by Jenni Alpert and Jeff Babko, Shining Light written by Jenni Alpert, Erik Florez, and Jomar Jay, All We Need is Love (**) written by Jenni Alpert, Even When It Rains written by Jenni Alpert and Ian Tepper  

Underneath the Surface:  Produced and Mixed by Brad Smith (Blind Melon), Jimmy Paxson (drummer, Stevie Nicks / producer), Doug Sax (mastering), Eric Boulanger (engineer, mastering). Features: Jimmy Paxson (drums, programming), Chris Chaney (bass), Lenny Castro (percussion), Zac Rae (synths), and Kevin Haaland (guitar), Justin Andres (acoustic guitar).  

No Second Guesses: Produced by Julian Coryell (except noted), recorded at Stagg Street Studio and Harddrive, mixed by Niko Bolas, and mastered by George Massenburg (Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN). Engineered by Doug Messenger and Erich Gobal, Track 3 (Untied) Produced and Engineered by Jimmy Paxson, Track 4 (Heaven) Produced by Jimmy Messer, Track 5 (Tragedy) Vocal tracking by Marshall Altman, Track 11 (Fade Away) produced by Stevie Blacke, Engineered by J.J. Blair, Protools operator: Kris Hawkins, Assistant Engineer: Tone,Executive Producer: B Fitzgerald. Features: Julian Coryell (guitar, glockenspiel, melotron) . Jimmy Paxson (drums) . Brett Simons (bass), Edwin Livingston (bass, Untied) . Mike Valerio (bass, Heaven) . Chris Golden (bass, Fade Away) . Ben ‘peels’ Peeler (lap steel, guitar) . Kris Hawkins (guitar) . Jimmy Messer (guitar, Heaven) . Joel Martin (guitar, Fade Away) . Zac Rae (wurlitzer, melotron). Matt Rohde (organ) . Mike Baker (lil drum kit overdub, Release Me, Simple Mood) . Rich Mangicaro and Karma Auger (percussion) . Stevie Blacke (strings) . Zack Lodmer (clarinet) . Jim Wheeler (saxophone) . MitchManker (trumpet) . Jenni Alpert (vocals, piano, rhodes) All vocals recorded with The Pearlman built and designed by Dave Pearlman (except Untied, Heaven, With One Breath, and Fade Away)  

27 Minutes in Bologna: Recorded and Engineered by Nicola Fantozzi, is a solo acoustic recording which captures an unexpected live solo piano and vocal studio performance in Bologna, Italy. This recording features the song ‘Tragedy’ which was co-written by Jenni Alpert and producer / songwriter Marshall Altman.  

Pieces: a full length dynamic and moody recording that features an amazing cast of musicians: Jimmy Paxson Jr. (drums: Stevie Nicks, Stanley Clark), Jimmy Messer (guitar: Kelly Clarkson), and Zac Rae (organ and synths: Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple) and Joel Martin (guitar and lap steel: Jem). 

The Rainbows End: recorded by Eric Boulanger. Solo piano compositions for film and TV.  

A Stroll in the Park: recorded by Dave Pearlman. Solo piano compositions for film and TV.  

Others: The Village Recordings: (Not Available for Sale) produced by Nathaniel Kunkel (recorded at The Village, Los Angeles) and features session legends Russ Kunkel (drums), Viktor Krauss (bass), Matt Rollings (piano), and Dean Parks (guitar). Marshall Altman / Jimmy Paxson Recordings: (Not Available for Sale) produced by Marshall Altman and Jimmy Paxson, features: Jimmy Paxson (drums), Daryl Johnson (bass), Deron Johnson (wurli), Brenden Walters (guitar), Carlos Rios (guitar). The Cat Toy Sessions: produced and recorded by Marc Viner (Woven). Live in the studio, solo acoustic recording of guitar and voice, Live at the Soiled Dove, Nothings Wrong, Honest Smile  

She has also worked with Marshall Altman (producer / songwriter), Nathaniel Kunkel (producer / engineer), Steve Greenberg (producer, A and R), Julian Coryell (producer / guitarist / songwriter), Niko Bolas (mixing), George Massenburg (mastering, Blackbird Studio); Some recording musicians include: Russ Kunkel, Viktor Krauss, Matt Rollings, Dean Parks, Jimmy Paxson, Daryl Johnson, Deron Johnson, Chris Chaney, Julian Coryell, and Zac Rae.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Local to Los Angeles: As a child of the foster-care system and adopted at 4 herself, today Alpert continues to work closely with foster-care and adoption organizations with her music. Her most recent project includes developing a music-arts-identity building program for foster-care youth, emancipated youth, and those that qualify with special needs and learning disabilities which was selected to receive a grant by NU-Arts for the program to be implemented around the Los Angeles Area. 

On the Road: Inspired by a family members’s plight with Red Blood Cell Aplasia, Alpert devised a ‘save a life campaign’ tour across in states called Blood Driven performing at Blood Drives, Blood Centers, and children’s hospitals by day and local venues by night. This tour covered over 5000 miles reaching over 8000 people through live performances and social media participation in a two week period to raise awareness and encourage more people to donate to save a life. Chosen to be a spokesperson / performing artist for America’s Blood Centers new Speakers Bureau program ‘Conversations About Life,’  she continues to be an advocate for raising awareness and the value of donating blood.  

America’s Blood Centers, Arc, Musician’s On Call, Daniel Pearl Foundation, Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency, Christine Ann Foundation, Board member of KI Foster Care Support Group, The Downtown Women’s Center, Children of the Night, Bridge Point, and Art’s Bridge (UCLA). 

Art of Expression: (Developer / Coordinator). A traveling music/art festival, is dedicated to strengthen the presence of music in early childhood education. Now supported by the ASCAP Plus Awards, Art of Expression has visited Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and Atlanta. AoX Festival proceeds bring touring musicians who wish to teach music to local pre-schools looking for music specialists to bring music into their schools. SXSW Unofficial Showcase: Spin it Indie (Developer / Coordinator). During SXSW each year in Austin, this is an independent showcase that offers opportunities to new up and coming independent singer-songwriters from around the country to perform their music amongst the festival madness in Austin, TX.