Homeless: the Soundtrack

A Short Documentary

The Film

This film tells the story of how singer songwriter Jenni Alpert (birth name Cameron | Cami) found her birth father Don living on the streets of Los Angeles, addicted, running from the law, a musician like her and follows their incredible journey getting to know one another through music. Upon reuniting with her birth who was homeless living in the streets of Los Angeles just under two years ago father for the first time in thirty years after having been taken away from both her birth parents, placed in the foster care system, and then adopted at age four, Alpert discovers that he too was a musician who embodied incredible skill and talent with otherwise no life skills guidance to afford him stable grounding so together they partnered up inspiring her birth father’s incredible self proclaimed transformation and since then their journey continues to unfolded in the most profound of ways. With the bond of music, together they exude a story of commission and love. This a very intimate story nestles in the larger pressing issue of homelessness in Los Angeles.

The film premiered at Tribeca this year winning a Jury mention, was awarded best short film at the Nantucket Film Festival, was given a Jury Honorable Mention best short doc at Milwaukee Film Festival, and completed a week long run at The Royal Theater in West LA, won. Homeless the Soundtrack is directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky, who is an Oscar-Nomianted, Peabody and Emmy winning documentary director who shot and edited our story as a labor of love.

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