Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist Jenni Alpert (birth name: Cameron / Cami) was born in Los Angeles, CA and adopted out of the foster care system at the age of four. With the encouragement and support of her adoptive family, she learned to play the guitar and began writing and recording songs early. 

With her honest rich songwriting and soothing musical melodies, songstress Jenni Alpert’s haunting, powerful, and sultry voice has gained the respect of fans and music tastemakers worldwide (AOL music). Her emotionally driven songs weaves a unique web of eclectic Soul-Americana Pop. As familiar with jazz and Americana as she is pop, Alpert graduated from UCLA from the Ethnomusicology Department in Jazz Vocal Studies after completing a four-year jazz program headed by Kenny Burrell. No stranger to the recording studio, Alpert has released 8 albums, partnered up with Steve Greenberg from S-Curve Records for her most recent Live in the Studio release Until Then featuring guitarist Guthrie Trapp, and has independently toured over 14 countries with regularity.

Upon reuniting with her biological father who was homeless, addicted, and running from the law at the time, yet a musician just like her, a documentary team made a short doc called Homeless: the Soundtrack directed by Oscar-nominated, Peabody and Emmy Award winning documentary film director Irene Taylor Brodsky, produced by Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz about the early stages of their first encounter and the unfolding of the journey of their biological reunion capturing the unique bond they share. Now, almost five years to date of their meeting, the two currently travel, speak, and perform sharing their biological reunion adventures and creative approaches towards transformation in story and song together as Community Service Performing Artists at Rescue Missions, Homeless Shelters, and local venues around the country alongside supporting the making of the short documentary under the name Cami and Don, The Biological Duo. Read More


A Short Documentary 

Homeless: The Soundtrack is a short documentary created and directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky produced by Chockstone Pictures and Vermilion Films about the reunion of my birth father and I which explores the dichotomy of two totally different worlds where music bonds together an incredible relationship and underscores an extraordinary transformation after having been separated for over thirty years.

After years of being estranged from both her birth parents from having been placed in the foster care system to be adopted out in the early years of her life, having missed the opportunity to met her birth mother when she was still living, years later with the assistance of a private investigator, Alpert found and reunited with her biological father. During their first meeting, which was initially all that had been intended, upon introducing herself as her birth name “Cami” to connect the early dots of both their pasts, she discovered he was happily homeless, running from the law, and addicted to drugs, yet also a musician just like her. A few weeks into their reunion, her birth father chose to leave a life of petty crime and drugs behind to join forces with Alpert. As their incredible developing relationship took flight, she met Chockstone Productions producers Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz who upon hearing details their reunion story and reading ‘Home is Where My Heart Is’ the self penned article by the duo about Alpert’s adoption and their biological reunion story edited by friend Mayim Bialik and published by Groknation, Chockstone producer Steve Schwartz introduced Alpert to award-winning, Oscar nominated, Peabody and Emmy award winning documentary film director Irene Taylor Brodsky who later followed, filmed, and interview the dynamic duo during the second phase of their relationship detailing their life stories apart as well as their reunion and life now together. As Alpert aided her birth father through different stages of rehabilitation, acclimation, and self-discovery alongside getting to know him personally and musically, they began developing recording and performing music as a dynamic biological duo team. Documentary maker Brodsky filmed many days of them together editing what was to become the documentary short “Homeless: The Soundtrack” which to date was selected and screened at Tribeca Film Festival 2018 and honored with a Jury Award, won best short film at Nantucket Film Festival 2018, Honorable Mention at the Milwaukee Film Festival, Jury Mention Award at Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, screened at the Laemmle Royal Theater in West Los Angeles, and is shortlisted for an IDA award in the short doc category. 

View Trailer Here:

Today The Biological Duo continue to perform with a purpose in various settings spanning from Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission (for those experiencing homelessness), Celia Center (support for the fostered, adopted, and all members of the adoption ‘constellation’) events, as well as for programs hosted by Temples, Churches, and Schools to name a few, sharing in story and song to support transformation and advocate on creative solution solving surrounding topics such as homelessness, addiction, incarceration, foster care, adoption, biological reunions, and living amongst society standards with unique learning skills and special differences. “Home is Where the Heart is Program” features singer songwriter Jenni Alpert otherwise known as her birth name 'Cami' and her birth father Don Logsdon billed as Cami & Don The Biological Duo sharing story and song about homelessness, addiction, incarceration, foster care, adoption, reunification, and transformation through the journey of their reunion. 


Written by Jenni Alpert (Cami) and Don Logsdon  
Edited by Mayim Bialik, Published by Groknation

Part One 
Part Two  
Part Three

2021 News: Full Memoir ebook NOW Available on Amazon Kindle and In Print, Home is Where the Heart is Program for Homeless Centers and Rescue Missions around the Country, New Music, and More 

MEMOIR: Home is Where the Heart is, An Adoption and Biological Reunion Story is NOW available for purchase on


Rest in Peace 
Don Patrick Logsdon 
Dec 15, 1960 - Aug 18, 2021 . 6:10pm 
Loving Spirit, Musician, Craps and Poker Player, Chess aficionado, funny highly intelligent, brilliant giving person, my birth father and best friend.

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This Aug you can follow us around the country virtually or come visit us in person as we take our Home is Where the Heart Is Story and Song Program to Rescue Missions and Homeless Shelters on a Trek around the United States. With the support of a grant from the Michael Doman Artists Foundation and partnerships with several non profits and rescue missions we will be bringing story and song about creative solution solving suggestions for transitions and transformations.

 For the Month of July, join us with Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission at their various shelters and campuses.

Catch our first Home is Where the Heart is Program of the summer sharing our stories and songs at The Raymer Shelter


Live Back at The Hotel Cafe this July - Watch a snippet of the live show here!

New Merch for the Road thanks to Harout at Hollywood Disc and Print!!!

Check out our interview on Podcast BloodsCall

Stay tuned for the release of the both film / one man play @ghost kingdom written and performed by playwright, actor, and fellow adoptee Brian Stanton about his search for this birth father and the soundtrack for it composed by yours truly this fall and will debut at the National Association of Adoptees and Parents Annual Conference Sept 10th. 

Stay tuned for a new single release later this year of a song called Constellations written with and produced by Shane Alexander mixed by Brian Yaskulka featuring Stevie Blacke on strings while mastering with Eric Boulanger at Bakery Mastering. The Adoption Constellation is a term that was coined by a professor and writer Michael Phillip Grand who understood that the adoptee and all the components connected to them were part of one larger bigger thing and so he drafted the metaphor of “the constellation” as a new way of thinking about adoption to help map it out, connect all parts, and heal the “primal wound” for all connected components - the birth parents, the adoptive parents, adoptees, sometimes formerly fostered in foster care like me - placement agencies, attorneys, social workers therapists, birth and adoptive siblings etc... to show that we are all part of one Adoption Constellation - all parts of one greater piece together.

Recent Press 

READ - Epoch Times Article: Father Daughter Duo written by Masha Savitz
Local singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Jenni Alpert, was born in the Los Angeles area and adopted out of the foster care system at age four. Years later with the help of a private investigator, she locates and reunites with her birth father who was running from the law and homeless at the time. Discover their shared musicianship the two form a bond as she becomes an advocate for transformation for her birth father.

WATCH - NBC Nightly News with Gadi Schwartz: Father And Daughter Duo Reunited In Song
Singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert grew up with a supportive adoptive family who encouraged her to pursue music. Nearly 30 years after he lost her to adoption, she reunited with her birth father Don Logsdon, who turns out to also be a musician as well. After helping him through his recovery the two continue to share their lives and music together to help others today. 

WATCH - Live Performance at Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission Van Nuys Help Center w/ NBC Nightly 
This live performance is a take off of a longer program called Home is Where the Heart is a program that features singer songwriter Jenni Alpert (also referred to by her birth name Cami) and her birth father Don, subjects from the film Homeless: the Soundtrack share in story and song the details of their biological reunion story and of her birth father’s miraculous transformation.

WATCH - Live at Springs Rescue Mission, Colorado Springs
Live at Springs Rescue Mission, Colorado Springs featuring my birth father Don Logsdon speaking on transformation and a screening of Homeless: the Soundtrack short documentary with RMWFF

READ - ABC7 News: Valley woman finds homeless birth father, and now make music together
Jenni Alpert (birth name: Cami) knew about her birth father's time in and out of prison but didn’t know him. When she finally found him homeless, together they embark upon an extraordinary journey with music.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

A three-part series where musician Jenni Alpert (birth name: Cami) and her birth father Don share the details of their biological reunion journey upon Alpert reuniting with her biological father through the help of a private investigator. Published by Groknation, edited by Mayim Bialik.

WATCH - Documentary Short Trailer Homeless: the Soundtrack directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky. 
This is a Short Documentary about foster care, adoption, homelessness, addiction, and an extraordinary biological reunion. After being taken away from her birth parents as a baby by the state and given up for adoption, singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert birth name: “Cami” went searching for her birth father. She finally finds him: homeless, running from the law, addicted. And a musician, just like her....

LISTEN To Who am I Really Podcast with singer songwriter Jenni Alpert
An Interview about adoption and reunification with fellow adoptee Jenni Alpert (aka birth name Cami) and host Damon Davis. 

National Adoption Conference 2020 

Presented by Celia Center

Proud to announce that as a fellow fostered and adoptee, I have been invited to join a plethora of amazing panelists, speakers, and performers having been asked to co-host and perform live during the virtual #NationalAdoptionConference hosted by Celia Center, Inc. created by Founder Fostered Adoptee and Clinical Therapist Jeanette Yoffe. This year on Sat Nov 14th . 2:15pm | Save the dates: Nov 14th & 15th : Check out the program here, get your tickets, and join us

“American singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert otherwise known as (her intended birth name before it was changed in foster care and upon adoption: Cami) is a performing songwriter, singer, guitarist, and pianist. Born in Los Angeles and adopted at the age of four, she started to sing and play piano while staying in various foster homes and began writing songs early. Upon becoming the first Jazz vocalist accepted to UCLA’s four year Jazz Music Ethnomusicology program lead by Kenny Burrell, Alpert took up the guitar as well and began to write and record songs on both instruments independently releasing over 6 albums and touring in over 14 countries to date. Shy of four years ago she found and reunited with her birth father who at the time was homeless, running from the law, and addicted, but a musician as well. Through their biological reunion and unprecedented partnership their reunion story and her birth father’s transformation inspired the making of a short documentary “Homeless: the Soundtrack” directed by Emmy Award winning director Irene Taylor Brodsky discovered and produced by Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, which garnered several film awards, featured at Tribeca Film Festival, and is scheduled for international release later this year. Currently, the two perform and speak publicly as Cami (aka Jenni Alpert) and her birth father Don the Biological Duo sharing their story and song in support of transitions and transformation.” 

Watch Jenni Alpert perform her song Heaven live at the Celia Center Arts Festival

Fellow fostered and adoptee singer songwriter Jenni Alpert aka her intended birth name ‘Cami’ and her birth father Don perform and share a bit of their reunion story during #NationalAdoptionConference 

During the conference, my birth father Don was invited to close out this weekend of the #NationalAdoptionConference by Celia Center, Inc. He. Is. So. Cool.

Host: Jeanette Yoffe "Rock out with birth father: Don Logsdon, the biological father of singer songwriter Jenni Alpert aka birth name Cami used to be addicted and running from the law while straddling incarceration and homelessness but also unbeknownst to them alike, was a musician just like his daughter. Upon their reunion shy of four years ago while discovering their mutuality in music and attachment, he chose to change his life and try new things introduced to him by his daughter to develop a deeper relationship with her. As their music kinship and personal relationship solidified, together the two embarked upon a unique reunion journey that now has lead them to performing music together as ‘Cami and Don the Biological Duo’ for various organizations: Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission Van Nuys Help Center for the Homeless, Celia Center, Inc. for the adopted and fostered, and Concerned United Birthparents, to name a few - performing, speaking, and sharing stories about their biological reunion, transformation, and the impacts foster care, adoption, homelessness, addiction, incarceration, and support or the lack thereof have on any individual connected to these topics offering ideas on how to uniquely solution solve to overcome or work with them. He is also the other subject with his daughter in the up and coming short documentary Homeless: The Soundtrack directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky produced by Chockstone Pictures about the early stages of their reunion and their miraculous biological journey to transformation." 


Read more on Their Biological Reunion Story here

Watch Short Documentary Trailer here

Upcoming Events  

Lots of cool events going on in the next few months. We will be joining people all over the city to join in conversations about topics ranging from Homelessness, Foster Care, Adoption, Reunions, and Transformation. For more information and performance times during events see below.

Sat Oct 5th . 11:30am . The Weekend to End Homelessness . 18255 Victory Blvd Reseda CA91355 . Mayor Garcetti (at 10:15am)

Sat Oct 26th . 7pm . CUB Retreat on Adoption and Reunions . Portofino Hotel . Redondo Beach

Nov 3rd . 11am . Foster Care Awareness Mitzvah Day . Temple Aliyah.  Woodland Hills

Sat Nov 16th . 1pm . Adoptee Voices Panel . Celia Center Event . Vista Del Mar . Culver City

Sat Dec 7th . 5pm . The World's Big Sleep Out to end Homelessness, Elysian Park, Los Angeles

How to Support Hope of The Valley

Live at Rocky Mountain Film Festival and Springs Rescue Mission 

Rocky Mountain Film Festival

Springs Rescue Mission
These photos are of a profound moment listening to my birth father Don speak when we visited with, performed for, and spoke to folks at Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs, CO while we were granted an opportunity to visit Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival where Homeless: the Soundtrack was screened.  WATCH HERE 

Hope of the Valley Thanksgiving

Home is Where the Heart is Program 

This is moving program was hosted by Beth AM and moderated by Mayim Bialik with singer songwriter Jenni Alpert (also referred to by her birth name Cami) and her birth father Don, subjects from the film Homeless: the Soundtrack. Here they were invited to share their personal reunion journey, speak on many themes related to the bravery of transformation, homelessness, addiction, foster care, adoption, and biological reunions offering encouragement and empowerment to communities at large, and to perform original music together.



Rehearsing for Home is Where the Heart Is

Dear Students of Colorado Springs 

Homeless: The Soundtrack was shared with a continuation school in CO Springs this week before Don and I headed there to join the film director and her son for the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival where Homeless: the Soundtrack, the short doc about the reunion of my birth father and I will be screening there, and here are some of their heartwarming responses...... We are touched to say the least. We are so glad you enjoyed the film, what great work you did. Thank you. 

Click HERE to view more letters and art. 




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