Recent Press & Podcasts: Adoption and Biological Reunion Story

READ - Epoch Times Article: Father Daughter Duo written by Masha Savitz
Local singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Jenni Alpert, was born in the Los Angeles area and adopted out of the foster care system at age four. Years later with the help of a private investigator, she locates and reunites with her birth father who was running from the law and homeless at the time. Discover their shared musicianship the two form a bond as she becomes an advocate for transformation for her birth father.

WATCH - NBC Nightly News with Gadi Schwartz: Father And Daughter Duo Reunited In Song
Singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert grew up with a supportive adoptive family who encouraged her to pursue music. Nearly 30 years after he lost her to adoption, she reunited with her birth father Don Logsdon, who turns out to also be a musician as well. After helping him through his recovery the two continue to share their lives and music together to help others today. 

WATCH - Live Performance at Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission Van Nuys Help Center w/ NBC Nightly 
This live performance is a take off of a longer program called Home is Where the Heart is a program that features singer songwriter Jenni Alpert (also referred to by her birth name Cami) and her birth father Don, subjects from the film Homeless: the Soundtrack share in story and song the details of their biological reunion story and of her birth father’s miraculous transformation.

WATCH - Live at Springs Rescue Mission, Colorado Springs
Live at Springs Rescue Mission, Colorado Springs featuring my birth father Don Logsdon speaking on transformation and a screening of Homeless: the Soundtrack short documentary with RMWFF

READ - ABC7 News: Valley woman finds homeless birth father, and now make music together
Jenni Alpert (birth name: Cami) knew about her birth father's time in and out of prison but didn’t know him. When she finally found him homeless, together they embark upon an extraordinary journey with music.


A three-part series where musician Jenni Alpert (birth name: Cami) and her birth father Don share the details of their biological reunion journey upon Alpert reuniting with her biological father through the help of a private investigator. Published by Groknation, edited by Mayim Bialik.

WATCH - Documentary Short Trailer Homeless: the Soundtrack directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky. 
This is a Short Documentary about foster care, adoption, homelessness, addiction, and an extraordinary biological reunion. After being taken away from her birth parents as a baby by the state and given up for adoption, singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert birth name: “Cami” went searching for her birth father. She finally finds him: homeless, running from the law, addicted. And a musician, just like her....


PODCASTS: Adoption and Biological Reunion Story
LISTEN To Who Am I Really Podcast #1 A Podcast that features adoptees and their stories hosted by fellow adoptee Damon Davis. An Interview about adoption and reunification with fellow adoptee Jenni Alpert (aka birth name Cami) who shares the story of going undercover as her birth name Cami and finding her birth father Don homeless on the streets of Long Beach. 

LISTEN To Who Am I Really Podcast #2 A Podcast that features adoptees and their stories hosted by fellow adoptee Damon Davis. An Interview with Jenni Alpert (aka birth name Cami) about the aftermath of what it is like to lose a birth parent who passed away after spending years in positive reunion as she has since the passing of her birth father Don, and how to walk through the grief with gratitude. 

LISTEN To Adoption: The Making of Me Podcast A podcast that features adoptees and their stories hosted by adult adoptees Sarah Reinhardt and Louise Browne. In their podcast interviews with other adoptees, these two delve into all things adoption, from their perspectives as adult adoptees, to DNA testing, to nature vs. nurture and beyond with honest conversations about all things adoption. Both were adopted shortly after birth, but they had very different experiences. Each season Sarah and Louise recap a chapter from a book centered on adoption and then interview a guest. Tune in below to our interview together as Jenni Alpert aka Cami shares her biological reunion story when she found and reunited with my birth father Don later in life who was homeless at the time, ultimately partnering with him through their shared talents in music as volunteers while supporting him as his advocate and shadow.

LISTEN To A More Beautiful Life Podcast hosted by Kate White Recognizing, appreciating, and integrating earliest life experiences. Hear Relinquishment, Separation, Adoption, and Baby's Experience Panilest Jenni Alpert (aka Cami) share her earliest memories in foster care, about her adoption and her biological reunion story.

LISTEN To Blood's Call Podcast hosted by fellow adoptee J.R. Rivero Kinsey with singer songwriter adoptee Jenni Alpert as she shares the very unique story of her birth-family, and the equally unique way she's built a relationship with her birth-father, Don, who she came to discover was also a musician. 

WATCH NAAP Adoption Happy Hour (National Association of Adoptees and Parents) with a mission to unify the adoption community. Tune in with host Marcie Keithley featuring adoptee Jenni Alpert (aka birth name Cami) who shares her biological reunion story. 

LISTEN To Don's Take in soundbites as he details his experience when his daughter Cami (Jenni Alpert) finds him later in life after she was taken away by the state and given up for adoption as well as his perspective on homelessness, addiction, incarceration, and adoption.