Prologue (pt2): “Pawns don’t go backwards”

“We are a reflection of how we are educated” 

“I’m just trying to blueprint my beliefs so people don’t misunderstand me so much” 

“Relationships won’t get off the ground if it’s only one way. people try to steer it in only one direction they want it to go instead of see both sides.
You have to sit down and talk about it and look at both sides rather than one person take over. you would have to map out your entire dreams and wants and desires not wants and all that and the two of you would have to sit down and map out what you both want let you see it and talk about all that.” 

“I find them physiatrists to be just as crazy as the mental patients themselves”

“Homeless is supposed to mean that a person can take care of themselves on the outside of this world”

You done did what you can’t undo” 

“Pawns don’t go backward”  


~ Don Patrick Logsdon 

Homeless the Soundtrack - The Subjects



Home is Where the Heart Is, A Biological Reunion Story
My Birth Father and Me

By now I’d been through so much... this new chapter would eventually turn into the most amazing moments of my life.
This was when I learned for the first time, that my birth father ...