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Homeless: The Soundtrack  
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“After years of being estranged from both her birth parents from having been placed in the foster care system to be adopted out in the early years of her life, and having missed the opportunity to met her birth mother when she was still living, years later with the assistance of a private investigator, Alpert found and reunited with her biological father. During their first meeting, which was initially all that had been intended, upon introducing herself as her birth nickname “Cami” to connect the early dots of both their pasts, she discovered he was happily homeless, running from the law, and addicted to drugs, but also a musician just like her. A few weeks into their reunion her birth father chose to leave a life of petty crime and drugs behind to join forces with Alpert. As their incredible developing relationship took flight, she met Chockstone Productions producers Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, who upon hearing details their reunion story and reading ‘Home is Where My Heart Is’ the self penned article by the duo of Alpert’s adoption and of their biological reunion story published by Groknation edited by friend Mayim Bialik, Chockstone producer Steve Schwartz introduced Alpert to award-winning, Oscar nominated, Peabody and Emmy winning documentary film director Irene Taylor Brodsky who later followed, filmed, and interview, the dynamic duo during the second phase of their relationship detailing their life stories apart as well as their reunion and now life together. As Alpert aided her birth father through different stages of rehabilitation, acclimation, and self-discovery also getting to know him musically through developing and recording music together, documentary maker Brodsky filmed many days of them together editing what was to become the documentary short “Homeless: The Soundtrack” which was selected and screened at Tribeca Film Festival 2018 and honored with a Jury Award, won best short film at Nantucket Film Festival 2018, had a one week run at the Laemmle Royal Theater in West Los Angeles, and is short listed for an IDA award in the short doc category.”  

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Rocky Mountain Women's Festival  

NEWS: Screenings, Q & A, Performances 
We are proud to announce that Homeless: the Soundtrack will be screening at Rocky Mountain Women’s Festival this November and they have invited us to attend and perform. In addition on Sunday we will be performing at Spring Rescue Mission and offering some of our instruments for use while we are there. We couldn’t be more thrilled.  For those of you who will be attending, we hope to see you. You can get tickets here.



Dear Students of Colorado Springs 

Homeless: The Soundtrack was shared with a continuation school in CO Springs this week before Don and I head there to join the film director and her son for the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival where Homeless the Soundtrack, a short doc about the reunion of my birth father and I will be screening there, and here are some of their heartwarming responses...... We are touched to say the least. We are so glad you enjoyed the film, what great work you did. Thank you. 

Click HERE to view more letters and art. 


Homeless: the Soundtrack and Events 

NEWS: Malibu Film Society 
Guest Speaking and Performing songs from Homeless: the Soundtrack 

Thank you Malibu Film Society for having us this evening as apart of your incredible program to aid the homeless. Additional thanks to Steve Schwartz & Paula Mae Schwartz, Irene Taylor Brodsky, Tahria Sheather and all the Homeless: The Soundtrack documentary team. www.MalibuFilmSociety.org 





























NEWS: Homeless: the Soundtrack will be showing at LAEMMLE ROYAL THEATER in Los Angeles for one week this month. 

Fri Aug 31st - Thurs Sept 6th (matinee - 12:45p) 
Homeless: The Soundtrack 
The Laemmle Royal Theater 
11523 Santa Monica Blvd. (1st floor) 
Los Angeles, CA 90025 



You may have noticed over the last two years a zillion posts and shares from me mostly in the form of photos along with an autobiographical story link that my dear friend Mayim shared on her platform Groknation documenting the adventures and daily life of the reunion between my birth father and I, sharing his self proclaimed transformation, as well as a trailer to a short documentary that was made about us since we reunited just under two years ago. 

Well, next week as it so happens, that very short documentary (26min) that Don my birth father and I are featured in about our reunion and life together called Homeless: the Soundtrack created and directed by Oscar nominated, Peabody and Emmy winning documentary director Irene Taylor Brodsky will be showing in Los Angeles at THE LAEMMLE ROYAL THEATER on Santa Monica Blvd from this Aug 31st through Sept 7th during their matinee hour once a day all week long and we would love for you to know about it in the event that you may be able to see it. 

Homeless: The Soundtrack (trailer) is a short documentary about the reunion of my birth father and I explores the dichotomy of two totally different worlds where music bonds together an incredible relationship after having been separated for over thirty years. It tells the story of how I found my father Don living on the streets of Los Angeles living a life of drugs and petty crime running from the law, his self proclaimed transformation once we met, and our journey to know one another through the music we play together. It’s a very intimate story nestled in the larger pressing issue of homelessness in Los Angeles. 



















Thus far, the documentary has made its way through several film festivals this summer. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and won a Jury mention, won best short film at Nantucket Film Festival. And while Don and I are playing music regularly around LA at local venues and for homeless centers and shelters, the filmmakers are making the film eligible for Academy Award consideration in the Documentary Short Subject category and we are touched to of been asked to do this and share our story.














You can read about our reunion story here: 
Posted by #GrokNation edited by #MayimBialik 
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3


This August is the two year mark of the very first gig Don and I ever played together live on a stage. I had known my birth father just about two weeks by this point after having help from a private investigator locate an address where Don received his mail, finally meeting him, then essentially going into what I called in “the field” slightly under cover spending days shadowing Don on the streets day and night observing and getting to know him while he was still living his previous life at the time. Regularly running from the law, committing petty crimes, and still getting high on drugs, we had spent about ten days up to this point reading books together, visiting museums, music events, eateries, craft coffee shops, beaches, taking walks and staying up late out on the streets in Don’s world discovering a connection and our commonalities - music being one of them. Despite the drugs, the gangs, the potential dangers and so on, I had prepared and stayed aware all the while loosing myself in the wonders of getting to know my birth father and it was a thrill to say the least.








Not long after our adventures began, I finally started to reveal bits and pieces about myself sharing my own life stories, musicianship, and eventually invited Don to perform with me at a show I had scheduled. At that point he still only knew me as Cami (Cameron, my birth name) his curious and interested biological daughter but soon was to learn the life and story of my other path, having been adopted out of the foster care system and into the home of the Alpert’s by age four - my life and music as Jenni Alpert. Little did we know that just a few weeks after I picked Don up from being released from jail once having turned himself in to stop running from the law, and shy of the several days after setting him up in a temporary safe space familiar to the style Don was used to yet secure, protected, and close to where I lived at the time to continue our daily “family fun field trips” developing our new relationship which would later transpired into the journey that has been us together and Don’s self proclaimed transformation into a new life and his first time release out of “the system” since he was eight years old upon reunifying, we would be introduced to brilliant documentary film maker Irene Taylor Brodsky (http://moveablefest.com/irene-taylor-brodsky-homeless/) and have the privilege of being interviewed by her. Upon the days that came to pass spending more time with one another Irene shadowing us, she developed what is now a short documentary Homeless: The Soundtrack which depicts our story, finding and connecting with my birth father as music threads our life stories together and we are just so touched. Below are some photos of time spent with Irene and her documentation of us.

The Doc Crew, The Producers, The Transformation




Below are a few photos taken by Justin Cornell a young fantastic DP who noticed us first during one of our early “family fun field trips” - dinner on a sidewalk and joined us a few times while Don was deciding to turn himself in to the law and make some choices to be able to spend more time together in safer ways. I am proud to share these photos as a visual ode to the incredible self proclaimed transformation that is Don today.It’s hard to believe that two years ago this month, my birth father, of whom I had reunited with a few weeks earlier that year for the first time since I was taken away and placed in the foster care system with their hopes I’d have a better future, decided to change his entire way of life from: using heavy drugs of every kind, committing petty crimes to maintain the lifestyle, and run from the law constantly high in between prisons (over seven to be exact) and homeless on the street having been in “the system” since he was eight years old to: something uncharted; turn himself in by his own will to serve out the jail time for running, stop doing drugs and living a life of crime, and try new safe things in order to continue to get to know me his biological daughter in a safer way all his own ideas on his own accord. Below are a selection of photos and screen shots of music experiences we have shared together.














Personal Photos of Don's Self Proclaimed Transformation


Since then, we have paved a way for an incredible life day by day filled with “family fun field trip” activities, music, volunteering, donating, enriching, educating, sharing, and learning together and it has been an amazing journey. We are proud to share our story with you and I am proud to know the man who against all odds chose a path of transformation. Below are just few photos of some of the adventures we have had.

Teeth donated from UCLA Dental School!


Free from the system for the first time since the age of nine

Biological Reunion Symposium; Performance with Q and A

We share out story in hopes to inspire all of yours. To all of you who have supported us and helped Don experience so many things he never has had before, I thank you for being a part of our journey and for adding so much to his. 

Cami (Jenni Alpert) 

Click here you can watch: performances, interviews, and v-blogs. 

Feature: Live in a professional recording studio for Don’s first time with a selection of some of LA’s finest session musicians. 

Feature: A flashback into the beginning of our journey together after having reunited, pieces of the story of my birth father and I featuring the song Morningside by John Gorka. 

Click here to peruse our photo diary of all we have shared in the last two years. 

Sept 22 . 9pm . Hotel Cafe 
Oct 20th . 6pm . Malibu Film Festival 

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Tribeca Film Festival 2018 

NEWS: Excited to announce that Homeless: The Soundtrack, a documentary made about my biological father and I, was shown at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival and received a Jury Mention Award. 

View Trailer Here:

The Film at Tribeca Film Festival 2018


















‪Homeless the Soundtrack —> “After being taken away from her birth mother and birth father by the state and given up for adoption, singer songwriter Jenni Alpert (birth name: “Cami” | Cameron | Cameron Morantz) went searching for her biological father. She finally finds him: homeless, running from the law, addicted. And a musician just like her….” 

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Announcing that Homeless: the Soundtrack directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky will be screening at Tribeca Film Festival this year. Tickets and info for the screenings of our documentary short are on sale here: Tribeca Film Guide: Homeless the Soundtrack. Catch the premiere on Saturday April 21st 2018 ~ 6:30p































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